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Cisco SPA 122 ATA

Activating Your Cisco ATA

To Activate you Cisco ATA on Setel Cloud you can contact our activation Department at 615-465-4001.

Installing your Cisco SPA122 ATA

Connect your device using the ports on the back panel. You will need either an analog phone or a fax machine with an analog phone to activate your device using PHONE 1 port.

  1. Use the PHONE 1 port to connect an analog phone, analog overhead pager or fax machine with an RJ-11 telephone cable. (If you purchased a 2nd-Port Fax Plan, connect that fax to the PHONE 2 port.)
  2. The ETHERNET port connects to an individual network device, such as a PC or a laptop.
  3. The INTERNET port connects to your router or if you have no router, directly to your cable or DSL broadband modem.
  4. The POWER port is where you connect your AC power adapter.

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