Setup & Installation Guides

PacketSmart PI-100 Micro-Appliance

Warning: Device must be installed in-line on customer network. Plan for the Internet connection to be down while device is installed and tested

  • Port A- Connect to the Local Area Network (LAN) or internal side of the network.
  • Port B- Connect to the Wide Area Network (WAN) or Internet side of the network.
  1. Connect Port A – Using an Ethernet cable, connect Port A to the Internet, WAN, or Uplink port on your network switch. If none of these ports exists, plug into any available port on your switch.
  2. Connect Port B – Using an Ethernet cable, connect Port B to the Ethernet or LAN port on your Internet service provider’s cable modem or router.
  3. Connect Power Adapter
  4. If you have correctly installed the PacketSmart PI- 100 device, the following messages will appear on the screen

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